Best Electric Shaver for Women

When it comes to the best electric shaver for women 2021, you will see several brands and lady shavers are out there with different specs and qualities. On the other hand, we all know the pros and cons of manual razors and the feeling when it tears off the skin’s first layer. Manual shaving results in pain, irritation, and frustration.

You will agree that shaving is a sensitive part of daily life, especially for women. Every woman wishes to be hair-free and smooth-skinned. Therefore, they are many other ways to remove hair like a straightforward hair removal process or waxing, which is quite painful. The question is, what is the most preferable and easiest way for hair removal without any cuts, irritation, red skin, or pain?

Every woman has a different skin type and hair characteristics. A single method or shaving machine doesn’t need to be suitable for all skin types. For example, some women have dense and dark hair that needs to shave regularly with a powerful lady’s electric shaver. The other lucky ones have light hair that needs to shave occasionally with a small electric razor.

I know you are going to ask than “What is the best women’s electric razor in 2021?”

I have searched and compiled dozens of electric shaver brands and categorized them according to the design, sharpness level, and battery life. After closely looking and getting reviews from women who use electric razors, I narrow down to the list of 10 best ladies electric razor2021.

After reading this article, you will discover the perfect shaving machine that suits you; even you are going to try it for the first time. I recommend you to read specifications, buying guides, pros, and cons before buying an electric razor. Let’s Get Started.

List of Best Electric Shaver for Women 2021

Quality Specs Shave Time Latest Price
Philips BRL175/00 Best Under 100 Skin Friendly Cordless Wet & Dry Use Bikini Trimmer Electric Foot File 40 Minutes
Braun Silk SE9-961 Best Bikini Shaver Bikini Styler Massage Cap Wet & Dry Use Trimmer Dry Epilator 50 Minutes
Remington WDF4840 Best Razor Under 50 Bikini Shaver Cordless Wet & Dry Use 30 Minutes
Brori HT-77A Budget Bikini Trimmer Under Arm & Pubic Hair Trimmer Cordless Wet & Dry Use 60 Minutes
Panasonic ES-EL9A-S Top Quality Women's Shaver Foot Scrubber Body Cleaning Brush Wet & Dry Use Epilator 30 Minutes
Philips HP6306 Shaver for Legs Cordless Wet & Dry Use Work with Batteries
Braun Silk-épil 5-560 For Sensitive Skin Bikini Trimmer Cordless Wet & Dry Use 1 Hour
Panasonic ES2207P Smooth on Skin Cordless Pop-Up Trimmer Wet & Dry Use 20 to 30 minutes
KINOEE Rose Gold Body Shaver Cordless Trimmer Wet & Dry Use 45 Minutes

Philips BRL175/00 – Best Electric Shaver for Women 2021



Best Overall

Philips BRL175/00 offers the closest and smoothest shave you have ever imagined. This Amazon’s choice electric shaver has a double foil cutting elements with a MultiFlex head and runs smoothly on your body. Philips BRL175/00 is the best electric razor for women 2021 at an affordable price. Let’s review this lady shaver.

Soft-Touch Comfort Cushions

Most electric razors use hard plastic material surrounded the foil cutters. But let me tell you that Philips BRL175/00 uses a unique feature called “Soft-touch comfort cushions,” in which soft rubber material around the foil cutter for a soft and smooth touch. Thanks to the Soft-touch comfort cushions feature, the shaver runs smoothly over your skin and cuts hair perfectly.

Rounded Pearl Tips of The Trimmer

When you start shaving, the first stage trimmer of Philips BRL175/00 trim the longer hair, then 30% sharper most advanced blades of the foils cut the rest. The rounded pearl tips of the trimmer teeth protect your skin from scratches. No other women’s electric razor has come through my hands, which has such a fantastic feature. The floating foil head follows your body’s curves and contours and provides you close and even shave.Pearl-tip_trimmers_protect_from_scratchesCharging Time

Now, if you look at the design of Philips BRL175/00, you will find a power button on the front of the handle. Below the power button, there is an LCD that indicates charging, low battery, and battery full. The built-in durable Li-ion battery offers 40 minutes of non-stop shaving after fully charged for 60 minutes. You can charge the battery with the supplied charger.

5 Minutes Quick Charge

A handy feature has been added known as 5 minutes quick charge. If you are in a hurry or can’t wait for the battery to be fully charged, you just have to charge Philips BRL175/00 for 5 minutes, and boom, now you get enough power for a full shave.

Ergonomic S-shaped Handle

For maximum control and full reach, the ergonomic S-shaped handle has been designed. As you know, comfort and ease of use really matter to personal shaving. The design, shape, and material of Philips BRL175/00 acknowledge this claim entirely. The anti-slip grip on the handle offers you optimal wet and dry shave during bath and shower.

Skin Stretcher Cap

You need to stretch the skin for a very close shave. To make this easier for you, the Skin Stretcher Cap feature slightly tightens the skin, so you can easily glide electric shaver across your skin for a close and smooth shave. The bikini trimmer head helps you to shave the sensitive areas. With the help of a bikini comb, you can easily trim the long hair.

Rotating Pedicure Disk

Philips BRL175/00 offers a rotating pedicure disk for velvety smooth and callus free skin. The ultra-precision edge removes the callus from heel to toe and smoothens the large areas of your skin.

Braun Silk SE9-961 – Best Women’s Electric Razor



Efficient Epilator

If you are looking for the best ladies electric razor that offers you exfoliating tools with an efficient epilator for smooth and radiant skin, then trust me Braun Silk SE9-961 is the best choice for you. This electric shaver is a complete skin spa kit. Braun Silk SE9-961 is a wet & dry cordless epilator and an electric razor. More than 2500 ladies reviewed this electric shaver on Amazon and showed their trust in its new standard in skin beauty and performance.

Attractive Design

Braun Silk SE9-961 is all in one hair epilator and comes with a variety of useful accessories. This women’s electric shaver has a beautiful shape in white and blue color combination and silver trimmer. It is effortless to use and lightweight. You can see one round switch on the front with just two settings for slow and fast speed.

40% Wider Micro Grip Tweezers

The epilator of Braun Silk SE9-961 is making high standards, and 40% wider micro grip tweezers can grip and pluck the thinnest hair (0.5 mm). Therefore, you can use this epilator anytime without waiting for hair to grow and maintain the smooth skin. The broader head of Braun Silk SE9-961 adapts the contours of your body and captures more hair with few strokes.

Handy Brushes

Two brushes come with Braun Silk SE9-961. The blue brush removes the dead skin cell and gives deep cleansing. So the hair becomes loose and comfortable to pluck. Because of the high-performance bristles, this brush offers you far better exfoliation than manual lotion or glove. The purple brush has soft bristles and best for sensitive areas. We recommend to use a purple brush once a week or at least one day before using an epilator.

Shaving Time

The shaver head of Braun Silk SE9-961 is not just cheap material. It is the best-built quality and very convenient to use near pubic or other sensitive areas. Braun Silk SE9-961 offers you 50 minutes of shaving with just 2-hour charging. It is 100% waterproof, and you can use it during or bath.

Remington WDF4840 – Best Electric Shaver Under 50 in 2021



Amazon’s Choice

Remington WDF4840 is ultra-quiet, efficient, and best ladies electric razor, especially for sensitive skin. You can use this electric shaver on wet or dry skin, but most women prefer to use it on wet skin because of a more close shave. With more than 2700 reviews on Amazon, this shaving Remington WDF4840 secures its place in Amazon’s choice electric shavers.

Hypoallergenic Floating Foils

Remington WDF4840 is the double foil cordless electric shaver and offers you a smooth and close shave. The two hypoallergenic floating foils adapt your body’s curves and contours and give you a quick shave without nicking or cutting your skin. Thanks to the protection comfort tips, you can shave without any fear of damaging the skin.

Cooling Aloe Vera Gel strip

The flexible trimmer of Remington WDF4840 trims very light and thin hair. It is highly effective in picking the stray hair that usually escapes from blades. For enhancing cutting performance and giving you smooth results, the trimmer efficiently cuts the long hair. The cooling aloe Vera gel strip on the intercept trimmer makes shaving more comfortable and soothed the process.

Bikini Attachments

Remington WDF4840 comes with handy bikini attachments so you can shave the sensitive areas without any trouble. With the help of a cleaning brush, you can maintain and enhance the shaving performance. The cleaning brush ensures that no hair is left in foils or trimmer and keeps it clean and hygienic.

100% Waterproof

Remington WDF4840 electric shaver is very easy to handle. The ergonomic design with an anti-slip grip helps you to use it in the shower confidently. It is 100% waterproof and very convenient to use for wet or dry shaving.

30 Minutes Shaving

You can get nonstop 30 minutes of shaving after fully charge the battery of Remington WDF4840. For charging your electric shaver, you have to place it in a charging stand for 2 hours.

Brori HT-77A – Best Affordable electric Shaver 2021



Amazon’s Choice

Brori HT-77A is one of the best affordable electric shavers for women in 2021. With more than 2500 reviews on Amazon at the time of writing, Brori HT-77A secures the place as Amazon’s choice electric shaver. 3-in-1 shaving heads with a high-speed sharp blade, 3D floating head, and trimmer, I am sure you cannot get these features under just £30. More than 2000 women gave Brori 5 star ratings. Let’s review this cheap but iconic women’s electric shaver in 2021.

3 Ultra-Sharp Blades

The 3 ultra-sharp blades of Brori HT-77A give you a smooth shave as they offer a 27-degree perfect cutting angle. This perfect angle helps you in shaving legs, underarms, and bikini or sensitive parts.

3D Floating Blades

The 3D floating blades of Brori HT-77A adapt the curves and contours of your body. These stainless steel sharp blades are hypoallergenic and painless, and very gentle to the skin. Combine with floating foil, the blades provide optimum skin contact and give you a close and smooth shave without any irritation or redness.

100 % Waterproof

Brori HT-77A is a 100 % waterproof electric shaver. The griped handle assures you to use it in the shower and the bath without any skin issues. It is completely water-resistant and comes with built-in LED light for blind spots, so you can have thorough hair removing experience.

Shaving Time

Another iconic feature of Brori HT-77A is long shaving time. You can shave the whole body up to 60 minutes after fully charges the shaver. You can charge it by just placing it in the charging stand or by its USB cable. If you are in a rush, then a 3-minute quick charge feature helps you have one complete shave.

Panasonic ES-EL9A-S – Best Electric Shaver & Epilator 2021



Electric Shaver & Epilator

Panasonic ES-EL9A-S is the best electric shaver & epilator for women in 2021. This women’s electric razor comes with six useful attachments and gives you a comfortable and smooth shave in the shower or dry time. The iconic 90-degree pivoting epilator, cleaning brush, and travel bag, hence this ladies shaver offers everything that you need.

60 Hypoallergenic Steel Tweezers

The 1.25 inches wide head of the epilator moves 90 degrees and adapts your body contours. It can easily reach the hard areas of your body. This quick epilator has 60 hypoallergenic steel tweezers that remove hair in one stroke. The wet and dry epilation gives you silky smooth skin in less time. The perfectly align tweezer tips catch short hair (0.5mm) and double-disc captures the leftover hair in one stroke.

Shaving Time

Panasonic ES-EL9A-S is a cordless electric shaver and epilator. You can charge it anywhere, and water-resistant design allows you to use it wet or dry for a better shaving experience. After one hour of charging, it gives you 30 minutes of nonstop shaving. I recommend using Panasonic ES-EL9A-S in warm water or use shaving form or gel, so your skin will be soft, and unwanted hair can be removed easily.

Seven Headcovers

Panasonic ES-EL9A-S offers you seven headcovers for shaving unnecessary hairs, softening heels, and cleansing face. You can change the cover according to your need.

Gentle Cap

The Gentle Cap gives you skin-friendly epilation. It holds the skin and prevents the disc from touching the skin. Thanks to the Gentle Cap, the hair removal process becomes irritation-free and less painful.

Sonic Scrub Brush

The powerful motor of the Panasonic ES-EL9A-S offers 3100 times per minute vibrations. The Sonic Scrub brush gives you a smooth and soft finish and helps to avoid ingrown hair. It is recommended to use before hair epilation.

Philips HP6306 – Best Affordable Electric Razor for Women 2021




Philips HP6306 is the best electric shaver for women under £100. It is highly affordable and handy and saves a lot of your time. More than 1450 ladies reviewed Philips HP6306 on Amazon and showed their confidence in this electric shaver. Let’s have a look at the advanced features of Philips HP6306.

Anti-Slip Grip

Philips put some extra effort into the design of the Philips HP6306. The pink and white colors will definitely attract your eyes. The anti-slip grip helps you to shave easily in the shower without having any fear of it falling.

Easy to Use

Philips HP6306 is very easy to use. You will find only three buttons for controlling the operations of the electric shaver. A single power button is available on the front—the small buttons on the electric razor’s side for lifting the head.

Hypo-Allergic Foil

If I say, Philips HP6306 is best for shaving unwanted hairs from the armpit, legs, and bikini areas; it will not be wrong. Because of the two trimmers on the side, lift the longer hair before cutting by foil head. The hypo-allergic foil head gives you a long-lasting smooth shave without any irritation, rashes, and cuts.

100 % waterproof

Philips HP6306 is 100 % waterproof and can be used with shaving foam or gel. You can use it under shaver, depending on your need. Some ladies prefer it to use dry.

Easy to Clean

Philips HP6306 does not come with a cleaning duck, but it is effortless to clean. You can remove the shaving head, and with the help of a cleaning brush, you can wash foam or gel under hot water.

2AA Battery

An inexpensive but powerful 2AA battery powers Philips HP6306. You don’t have to worry about international voltage because AA batteries are available all over the world. You can also use rechargeable AA batteries.

Braun Silk-épil 5-560 – Best for Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin 2021



Amazon’s Choice Electric Razor

Braun Silk-épil 5-560 electric shaver is specially designed to glide over your body for a comfortable and smooth shave. At the time of writing, more than 1900 customers reviewed this Amazon’s choice electric razor and showed their complete trust. The floating foil and unique system for cutting long hair with many useful attachments, Braun Silk-épil 5-560 is one of the best electric shavers for women in 2021.

Floating Foil Technology

Braun Silk-épil 5-560 floating foil technology not only protects your skin from sharp blades but also adapts the contours of your body for a close and smooth shave. The exfoliation head attachment offers you smooth shaving and glowing skin after the shave.

Rounded Shape Trimmer

The floating foils of Braun Silk-épil 5-560 and slightly rounded shape trimmer helps you to shave easily under your arms and concave parts of your body. Don’t forget to use the Opti shave attachment when you are going to shave your legs. The Opti shave attachment gently stretches the skin and lifts the hair so you can easily shave your legs. The extended long hair trimmer smoothly trims hair from sensitive parts of your body.

Shaving Time

Braun Silk-épil 5-560 electric shaver is entirely washable and 100 % waterproof. You can wash it easily with the help of a cleaning brush or just rinse under tap water. This cordless electric shaver gives you 40 minutes of constant shaving after charged for 1 hour.

International Voltage

Braun Silk-épil 5-560 electric shaver is completely rechargeable, and you can charge it anywhere in the world. Therefore, you can take your electric shaver with you and enjoy smooth skin around the world.

Panasonic ES2207P – Best Electric Shaver for Vag 2021



Chargeable Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES2207P is the best chargeable electric shaver for women in 2021. The built-in 3 blade system with floating head decreases the time of shaving and gives you rashes free smooth shave. At the time of writing, more than 14,500 women reviewed this electric shaver and showed their complete interest in its performance.

For Bikini Areas

Four ultra-sharp blades of Panasonic ES2207P help you shave easily and smoothly underarms, knees, and bikini area. The nickel free-floating head follows the contours of your body and stays connected with your skin. The stainless steel foils of Panasonic ES2207P are 100% hypoallergenic. You can use it wet or dry for smooth shaving because the Panasonic ES2207P is 100 % waterproof.

Easy to Clean

Panasonic ES2207P is very easy to clean. You have to rinse under warm water, shake it, and dry it with a towel. I recommend you wash it with warm water if you shave your legs, armpits, or bikini area with foam or shaving gel.

Pop-up Trimmer

Like men’s electric shaver, the Panasonic ES2207P lady shaver has a pop-up trimmer for trimming facial or bikini hair. Therefore, the Panasonic ES2207P is the best electric shaver for vag. You can shave pubic hair without any cuts, rashes, or irritation.

Shaving Time

One issue I found in Panasonic ES2207P electric shaver is the changing time. After charging for 12 hours, Panasonic ES2207P gives you 20 minutes of shaving. I think they should reconsider this on a serious note because many other electric shaving brands offering better charging and shaving time in a reasonable price range. For example, if you forgot to charge your electric razor, it will be really frustrating to wait for 12 hours. Panasonic ES2207P is specially designed for space-saving. Just plug the charger into the socket and place the electric razor in the charger.


Panasonic ES2207P electric shaver is easy to handle and very lightweight. It is just 5.3 inches long and 0.33 grams in weight, easily fit in your hand.

KINOEE Rose Gold – Best Affordable electric Razor for Women 2021



For Sensitive Skin

KINOEE Rose Gold is the best painless electric razor for women in 2021. Highly suitable for incredibly sensitive skin and removes long, thick, and fiddly hair very quickly and easily. More than 1000 ladies reviewed KINOEE Rose Gold on Amazon at the time of writing and showed their satisfaction. Let’s review this affordable electric shaver.

18k Gold Plated Heads

KINOEE Rose Gold offers 5 unique 18k gold plated heads suitable for all skin types and very easy to use. These floating heads glide all around your face, legs, and bikini area and give you rashes free smooth shave. KINOEE Rose Gold electric shaver can remove unwanted hair without any pain from blind areas like the back of the knees or curves of your body.

Shaving Time

KINOEE Rose Gold electric shaver is completely rechargeable. After 2 hours of charging, it gives you 45 minutes of shaving time. The lithium powered long-lasting battery helps you enjoy cordless shaving for a long time. The built-in LED light helps you to see the shaving process. KINOEE Rose Gold electric is 100 % waterproof and very convenient to use in the shower or the bedroom.


KINOEE Rose Gold electric shaver is hypo allergic and safe. The anti-allergic blades cut very light hair on your skin without any direct contact with your skin. It is highly effective in cutting hair from roots safely.

Very Light Weight

KINOEE Rose Gold electric shaver is small and very convenient to use. It is very lightweight that even you have arthritis, you can easily shave your legs, armpits, or sensitive area. Because of small and compact size, you can take this cordless electric shaver anywhere around the world.

Best Electric Shaver for Women 2021 – Buying Guide & Shaving Tips

Electric shavers are one of the essential grooming tools for ladies. After reviewing the list of best electric shavers in 2021, you must be realized that every shaver has different features and characteristics with some pros and cons. Therefore, picking up the best electric razor from a highly saturated market is a tough challenge. After long research, I picked some critical factors that you need to know before buying an electric shaver. These factors will save you time, money, and help you to buy a shaving machine that is suitable for your skin.

Why do You Need to Buy An Electric Shaver Over a Manual Razor?

Manual or disposable shavers are cheap, and you can use them and throw away. They are not for long-term use, and they lack safety and skin protection. The eclectic shaver brands manufacture shaving machines after considering critical factors related to skin protection, hair types, dry and wet feasibility. With some additional attachments, like a trimmer, epilator, and bikini head, you can have a full spa kit in your bag. I recommend you use an electric shaver over a manual or disposable razor because skin protection is more important than saving money.

Foil or Rotary Shaver – Which one is best for Skin

If your skin is sensitive, then I recommend you to use a foil shaver. They are outstanding in gentle shaving and protect your skin from direct contact of blades. Foil shavers are highly suitable for a close shave and remove hair from roots. They easily lift the hairs by feature comb or trimmer and cut them quickly. Best for everyday use but if your hair grows in a different direction then it foils shavers can cause you problems. Their motion is limited to curvy areas.

Rotary shavers are very quiet and work effectively for thick and coarse hair. If you are facing problems because your hair grows in different directions, then try rotary shaver because the circular movement of the rotary shaver is very precise. In close shave, my vote will be in favor of foils shavers. Because foils shavers don’t leave any stubble behind and perform better on sensitive skin.

Corded & Cordless Shaver

In my list, I added corded and cordless shavers. Corded shavers are less expensive, but at the same time, they are less convenient too. It depends on you because the corded or cordless feature of an electric shaver doesn’t affect the quality of shaving. I recommend you to use a cordless electric shaver if you do traveling a lot.

Handle of Electric Shaver & User Manual

Electric shavers come in different designs and shapes. The handle and user manual of electric shaver matter a lot because of dry and wet use. Before buying, always read about the quality, size, ease of use, and material of the handle.

Wet & Dry Use

An electric shaver will be best for you if it has both wet and dry shaving capacity. Mostly shavers don’t do dry shaving. Therefore, you will need shaving foam or gel, and it will increase the expenses. Wet and dry shavers are convenient in case you are in a hurry and don’t have time to use shaving foam or gel.

Types of Blades

Every electric shaver has different types of blades. In the 2 or 3 blades concept, the first blades cut the longer hair, and the following blades shave the rest of the hair. The rotary blades move in every direction and cut hair from every angle. I recommend you to go for stainless steel whether it is rotary or foils blades. Stainless steel blades are hyper allergic so you will not have to face any adverse reaction on the skin.

For Sensitive Skin

The stainless steel blades of electric shavers are suitable for sensitive skin. They are flexible and run smoothly on your skin without leaving any mark. If you have sensitive skin, then always go for an electric shaver that hyperallergic, gentle to the skin, and protects you from irritation and razor burns. The pivoted electric shaver protects you from skin irritation.

Battery Life

Battery life is also an essential factor if you are using a corded or cordless electric shaver. The long-lasting battery gives you more shaving time and saves you from sudden embarrassment in case no battery life. Also consider the charging time, some electric shavers charged in 1 to 2 hours. I think less charging time will be better.

Easy to Clean

The electric shaver should be easy to clean so you can avoid wasting time in cleaning and washing the razor. Some electric razors can be clean by just washing under tap water or with a cleaning brush. A cleaning station can also be helpful. You just have to place the electric shaver in the cleaning station, and it will do its work.

How to Maintain Your Electric Shaver?

I gave you some useful tips on how you can maintain your electric shaver and get benefits from it for a long time.

Can I Use a Man’s, Electric Shaver?

This is the most common question many women asked. Some of you probably tried men’s electric shaver but disappointed with the results. Because most of the ladies think that the blades used in men’s electric razors are sharper than ladies’ shavers, which is true. The reason why you cannot get better results from men shavers is that the size of the shaver’s head and its connection with skin.

On the other hand, men have thick hair with less sensitive skin. Therefore, men’s shaver is designed for a more close shave and close connection with the skin. That can irritate your skin. Moreover, women’s electric shavers can easily follow the contours of the body. That’s why I recommend you to use the best women’s electric shavers for better results.

Tips on Using an Electric Shaver

You must understand some tips or steps before you are going to use an electric shaver. Don’t worry, there not any complicated things that you have to go through. I want you can get maximum out of your electric shaver and enjoy a smooth and close shave.

From the top 10 best electric shavers for women 2021, you have to choose an electric razor that fits your hand and has no burden on your pocket.

Always read the instructions before you are going to use, especially charging and shaving time.

If you are going to use an electric shaver for the first time, I recommend using in the shower or with shaving foam or gel. You can exfoliate your skin before shaving. That’s how you can be familiar with the cutting ability of your shaver. Plus according to many ladies, wet shaving is more comfortable than a dry shave. But it is not compulsory or necessary for all ladies.

Each area of your body requires different handling. Shave with soft hands whether you are shaving your face, armpits, legs, bikini area, or sensitive areas.

Always read the characteristics before you are going to buy the electric shaver. Some razors are best for coarse or thick hair and other work efficiently for thin or light hair. So understand your skin and hair type first, then take further steps.

Best Electric Shaver for Women 2021 (FAQs)

Which women’s electric shaver is best?

Philips BRL175/00 is the best electric shaver for women in 2021. The double cutting foils, Soft-Touch cutting technology, and pearl trimmer are highly efficient in smooth and close shaving. Philips BRL175/00 is perfect for every skin type. You can shave your legs, armpits, behind knees, and bikini areas. After detailed research, I provided you best women’s electric shaver in 2021. From the following list, you can choose the best for your skin type.

Which electric shaver is best for pubic hair?

In my list of best women’s electric shaver 2021, Braun Silk SE9-961 and Panasonic ES2207P electric shavers are effective for shaving pubic hair. Both women’s electric shavers are using nickel free-floating foils that adapt to the contours of your body. They are hypoallergenic, which means your skin will be safe from any rashes or irritations.

How long do women’s electric razors last?

It totally depends on you. If you care about your electric shaver like cleaning, oil regularly, not overcharging, and keep it safe in a box after using then it can last for 5 to 10 years. Otherwise, the minimum life span of an electric razor can be 5 to 8 months if not taking care of properly.

Is it better to shave with electric or razor?

Electric shavers work fine and efficient in shaving, legs, and armpits, behind knees or blind places, and bikini areas. They roll over your body, lift hairs, and cut them nicely. They are anti-allergic and give you a smooth shave without any rashes or irritation. You cannot find these features in a manual razor.

How often should you replace blades on electric razor?

Replacing the blades of an electric shaver depends on what brand are you using and how often you shave. Of course, if you shave daily, then you need to replace the blade earlier. Usually, 12 months are sufficient enough to replace the blades of an electric shaver.

Is it better to shave head wet or dry?

If your hairs are longer or grow in different directions; then I recommend you to dampen the hair before shaving. Short hairs are easy to shave dry. Mostly women prefer wet shaving because it is easy and safe.

Final Words for Best Electric Shaver for Women 2021

I wrap up all the best electric shaver for women 2021 in this post. If you thoroughly read this article, I assure you that you can get the perfect product for you without any waste of time and money. Philips BRL175/00 electric shaver is the winner of the list of best women’s electric razor in 2021, and I gave you all the reasons why it is on top. But still, I want you to understand your needs, your skin type, hair characteristics, and budget before finalizing your purchase. Therefore, must read the buying guide, tips, and other useful information that I provided. My buying guide for an electric shaver will be really helpful for you.